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Christian Family Radio

A Boy has a Dream

Endel Meiusi's boyhood home in Tallnin, Estonia.As a little boy before WW II, Endel Meiusi, in his home town of Tallinn, used to dream and pray while he was building his first crystal radio receiver of “some day” having a Christian Radio station. Estonia at that time had only government radio stations.

Soon Russian, German and again Russian occupations of his homeland took place. The Meiusi family (he and his parents) had to flee in a small boat to Sweden, from there they continued via Africa, Sir Lanka (Ceylon) to Australia.

By 1991 when Russian occupation of Estonia ended, Endel had already served for a number of years in the ministry as a pastor in Australia, Canada, the USA as well as an evangelist in a number of countries. In 1953 he had pioneered the first Estonian language evangelical Gospel broadcast in the free world. Since 1962 the “Estonian Church at Home” (Kodu Kirik) has been continually on the air in Vancouver, Canada and the surrounding area. Endel was fulfilling his boyhood promise to God while escaping to the free world, to be available in the Lord’s service.

In 1984 he felt led of the Lord to organize the Estonian Christian Ministries in order to reach his own people living in exile in several countries in the West, but almost immediately the doors began to open to minister in Estonia. While back in his occupied homeland, the Lord very dramatically impressed on him to start praying that his childhood dream would become a reality. Soon after the country was free again in 1992, he applied for a broadcast license there.

God has miraculously enabled so that today there are 8 full-time (24/7) FM transmitters with 3 main studios covering the country and one AM station reaching further beyond its borders. Endel has made his boyhood home available to the Estonian Family Radio and his childhood bedroom to house its control-room.

Brief History of Family Radio

Estonian Family Radio is currently broadcasting nationwide over 8 FM stereo transmitters covering approximately 94% of Estonia plus portions of Russia, Latvia and Finland.

Estonian Family Radio has main Gospel stations in Tallinn - 89.6 Mhz, Kuressaare - 89.0 Mhz, and Tartu - 89.0 Mhz, with repeater stations in Haapsalu - 89.4 Mhz, Kärdla – 88.7 Mhz, Rakvere – 88.9 Mhz, Otepää 88.7 Mhz, Vôru 95.7 Mhz, and Kohtla-Nômme 88.2 Mhz.

Estonian Christian Ministries also broadcasts to the Estonian communities in: Vancouver, Canada; the Northwest portion of Washington state and provides broadcast material to Australia.

Estonian Christian Ministries has a Worldwide Tape Ministry.

Short Term Missions opportunities are available for church construction, English teachers and other cross-cultural ministries volunteers.

Estonian Family Radio also ministers to the sick, shut-ins, hospitals, retirement homes and prisoners, through distribution of 4000 single frequency FM receivers.

Each station is supervised by its own local board with representation from the Evangelical Christian-Baptist, Lutherans and Methodists in cooperation with Estonian Christian Ministries. Radio programs are also provided by other Christian denominations and independent Christian groups.

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Tallinn Family Radio - 89.6 Mhz

In April 1992 we applied for a Estonian broadcast license for a radio station in the capitol city, Tallinn. We were expecting a 3 to 4 years wait for a decision.

God, however, answered our prayers far sooner than expected.

A permit was issued in 4 months with the stipulation that on the air testing start no later than August 31, 1993.

Needless to say, we were totally unprepared both financially and technically for this.

By a miracle of God's Grace and the help of many Christian organizations such as "Back to the Bible", HCJB, and individual Christians, "Tallinn Pereraadio" (Tallinn Family Radio) started test broadcasts July 1993.

In September 1993, “Tallinn Pereraadio” (Family Radio) transmitter began continuous 24- hour gospel broadcast from the former KGB facilities in the steeple of the Oleviste Cathedral and has been in continuous operation ever since.

In 1997 Tallinn Pereraadio moved into its new modern studios at Rev. Meiusi’s refurbished boyhood home. More improvements and repairs have been done through the years.

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 Kuressaare Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz

Our next license was issued January 20, 1994 for Kuressaare Family Radio. We started with a Crown 100- watt transmitter, and some very basic studio equipment, using the sound-room of the brand new Siion Church in Kuressaare.

The station in Kuressaare went on the air with test programs at Christmas 1993, using a HCJB antenna mounted on top of the 45-foot church steeple.

In July 1995, the Lord provided 25 "summer missionaries" from the U.S.A. who, with a number of local volunteers, built a brick transmitter building, installed a full power FM transmitter and erected a 350 foot broadcast tower.

With God's help this was accomplished in 14 days.

The tower stands next to the Church which Rev. Meiusi's Grandfather built and pastored before the Russian occupation of Estonia.

Later, current studios were built in the Siion Church's basement in Kuressaare by a summer mission’s team from Colorado, USA.

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Tartu Family Radio - 89.0 Mhz

Estonian Christian Ministries' third main station, "Tartu Pereraadio (Tartu Family Radio) was built before we officially had our license. The Estonian Government unofficially assigned us the frequency of 89.0 MHz which was still occupied by a Russian TV station. The official license was received June 19, 1995, but daytime test programs began in November '94 when the TV station was not on the air.

In August 1996 this station was significantly upgraded as part of the 1996 short term missions project which:

  • Installed a new 400-foot radio tower
  • Installed a new full power transmitter
  • Built a new transmitter building

AM Radio for Multi-lingual Broadcasting

On Faith, additional broadcast studio's were built during 1999 in Tartu Seminary to increase our broadcast ministry in Russian and other languages.  During the summer of 2000 the transmitter buildings and a tall antenna tower were constructed by summer missions teams from California and Colorado – and Texas. Following installations of the transmitter and other equipment, broadcasts began in 2001. It is broadcasting up to St. Petersburg during the day and almost to Moscow at night. Please pray for this extension to our ministry.

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Family Radio frequencies

In addition to the three main stations with studios and staff, there are five translator stations that pick up the FM radio signals and re-broadcast them on other frequencies to surrounding areas. This reaches people in these areas where distance and terrain prevent direct reception of the main stations.

  • Kohtla-Nõmme - 88.2 Mhz
  • Kärdla - 88.7 Mhz
  • Otepää - 88.7 Mhz
  • Rakvere - 88.9 Mhz
  • Kuressaare - 89.0 Mhz
  • Tartu - 89.0 Mhz
  • Haapsalu - 89.4 Mhz
  • Tallinn- 89.6 Mhz
  • Võru - 95.7 Mhz
  • Kavastu – 1035 kc

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